General Capital Brokers (GCB) Ltd

Making most out of undervalued ventures to enhance you trading abilities to the maximum

Who Are We?

General Capital Brokers (GCB) Limited is an authorized Cyprus Investment Firm under license number 333/17. Moreover, it is registered in the Republic of Cyprus with registration number HE 345774. Currently, General Capital Brokers is at your service in more than 15 countries across the globe.

What we offer

Our firm offers you a wide range of services; both Investment Services and Ancillary Services. We are a trusted broker who stands by your side and supports your passion for trading.

You are welcome

Our Values

At General Capital Brokers, we believe that our clients are our stakeholders. Because, in the long run, it doesn’t start with an asset but with you. Our unmatchable success starts with your firm trust in us.

In-depth Research

The lack of prior research is responsible for loss in business. We discover and evaluate new approaches on the basis of our hands-on research. Find out market opportunities that open new horizons for your financial objectives.

Training and Analytics

Having an eye for details, we know how to dive into layers of analytics in the concerned domain. You will get the essential training that your business demands. General Capital Brokers strives for the ultimate interest of its clients and offers you analysis crucial for trading.


Transparency in dealings is an integral part of our values. We will let you know why we prefer one option over another, and it is based on real-time information.

Take one step forward towards the bright future

General Capital Brokers offers premium services with a high standard level of professionalism. We envisage to find potential market opportunities, evaluate their value and then share it with our worthy client. Through perseverance, determination and reliability, we aim to build long-term relationships with our clients that don’t end with the mere transaction.
Regardless of your portfolio size, General Capital Brokers is here to direct you in the right direction where a lucrative market is waiting for you.

individual approach

No One Size fits all

We opt for a boutique approach when it comes to General Capital Brokers’ investment services. We believe every person is different, and so is their vision and demand. Thus, through careful research and immense foresightedness, we formulate and implement exclusive and personalized strategies that meets your financial objectives.

Our company is authorized to provide

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